Free tooth whitening offer

If you’ve been thinking about having a cleaner, whiter smile, this month is the perfect time to start!

For the month of September only, book yourself in for a full check-up and clean,* and receive a bonus take-home tooth whitening kit, worth $430, at no extra charge.

That’s FREE tooth-whitening, normally valued at $430.

This is an exceptional offer, for this month only, so take advantage of it today!

* $295 including comprehensive check-up, x-rays, scale and polish, and fluoride treatment.

At your check-up, Dr. Yen will discuss the take-home whitening procedure and assess your teeth prior to tooth whitening. Impressions of your teeth will be taken to make custom whitening trays. You will return in a few days to pick up the trays and then go home and start the whitening process. Simple!

Common Questions asked:

Are there harmful effects of the bleach on my teeth?

Whitening products are perfectly safe if used correctly according to your dentist’s instructions, and have no long-term adverse effects on your teeth. Sensitivity is a common side effect during treatment. Avoid eating or drinking cold foods for the short time during and after whitening  treatment. Use a sensitive toothpaste for relief, and the sensitivity will eventually disappear over time.

What do I have to avoid when I have just had my teeth whitened?

It is best to avoid food that stain heavily, as well as beverages such as coffee and tea. Allow a few days for the teeth to re-hydrate before resuming your normal diet.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]